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Well…classes are all back and I’ve had such a great couple of weeks. At the end of last year I was tired. I was all tai-chid out. So much so that I decided not to go to the annual January workshop in Sydney. Now, I have to say, when that week came around I did wish I was there…a bit. But not that much. I had so much planned to do over the summer break. And being at home meant that I was here when my lovely friend Donna was passing through town. Because I was here we were able to spend a few quality days together, before she continued on to visit her daughter and family. We live at opposite ends of the country – I’m in Perth and she’s in Far North Queensland – and we really don’t get to see enough of each other. I love my life, but I’m feeling particular gratitude at the moment for the female friends in my life; those who love and support me and ask nothing more than the same in return.
Tai Chi in Wanneroo

This was a post about getting back to tai chi classes – so let’s get back to that. Once again I’m running six classes a week this term. Busy, busy, busy. I have quite a few new participants, enough at Wanneroo that we’re going to be moving the Monday classes from the small room into the big sports hall next week. How exciting is that? I’m about nervous about moving into such a cavernous space butI hope it’s going to make things so much more enjoyable. We’ll have room to spread out; room to move. It might be a bit of a huge, echoey space, but I think it will be so much more fun.

Fun. That’s what it’s all about. I like my classes to be fun. I like my participants to have a good time while they reduce their stress – and all those other things that tai chi is good for. Most people can’t really think too much about other things when they are dong tai chi. You get to shut out the world for an hour. You also get to laugh at my mistakes. There is no perfect when it comes to tai chi. Thank goodness. I’m a long way from perfect but I love to share my experience of tai chi with other people. The things I do are all about improving the quality of the lives of the people I interact with. And through tai chi and my other ventures I get to interact with some amazing people.

Feel free to come along to one of my tai chi classes. I accept beginners into classes all the time, and most of my groups are starting to learn new forms this term. People come and people go. People go on holidays, have doctor’s appointments, have visitors, move away. This is the reason I don’t ask you to commit to a fixed number of classes. You just pay as you go and I try to take the stress of missing sessions away. Come along, follow along, learn a bit, improve a little each class. Your improvement is yours alone. Your body and your life are yours alone. We all have our own unique challenges so we just try to have fun, make connections when we want to, and get a bit better when we can. I’m right into natural movement right now. Natural, nutritious, functional, healthy movement. Playing tai chi will help you in the way you move every day.

Come and play tai chi with me. Be amazing.

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