World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 2018

On April 28th this year a group of about 10 participants from my Wanneroo Senior’s Tai Chi groups joined a group of approximately the same size from another local tai chi school, Tai Chi for All, at Wanneroo Memorial Park to celebrate World Tai Chi & Qigong Day.

The participation by my students was organised just a few days before the event. I’m usually interstate at this time of year, and World Tai Chi Day had completely slipped my mind. When I heard that another local group was organising an event, I sent an email and asked if we could join them. They welcomed us in the true spirit of tai chi, and even though we’d had no time to properly plan what we’d do, members of both groups really embraced the day’s motto, “One World, One Breath”.

Participants from each group had never met before and neither group knew the form of tai chi that the other practiced, but we all managed to work together and we enjoyed an hour of learning and practicing tai chi from each other.

See some photos of the day, below.

This is what some of the participants had to say;

What a wonderful experience it was to join other like-minded people for World tai chi day. The atmosphere was one of peace, serenity and goodwill. We all joined as one as we shared our love of tai chi.

– Dee, Wanneroo WA

I thought it was so good,hope we can do again,
Lovely to think we were part of this wonderful event

– Wendy, Kingsley WA

Participation in the 2018 World Tai Chi Day, was a first for me. I have been learning Tai Chi with Deb for just over a year and to be part of this day, was a personal achievement.

It was an enjoyable and rewarding experience, and the energy, peace and fulfillment felt on this day will stay with me forever.

I look forward participating annually.

– Lynne, Landsdale WA

After practising Tai Chi for a couple of years, this was my first participation in World Tai Chi Day. It was a wonderful feeling to share this peaceful, healing art with others, knowing that people all around the world were doing the same.

– Carol, Wanneroo WA

World Tai Chi Day held at Wanneroo was a wonderful experience, being outside in a large group and doing moves that was new to us was a happy challenge.
Can’t wait to see a video.

– Robyn, Banksia Grove WA

Such a pleasure to have witnessed the display of Tai Chi held in Wanneroo Park for World Tai Chi Day.

Amazing how 2 groups practising 2 different forms of Tai Chi came together for the first time and made it all blend so seamlessly together.

I am really hopeful that next year I will be participating instead of spectating..with your patience .. passion and encouragement I am confident I will make it.

Thanks so much Deb

– Pauline, Carramar WA

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  1. Great shots and the video was fantastic to watch, seeing ourselves doing Tai Chi
    Thanks to your hubby Deb
    Robyn ☯️

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